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Book Reflection: trauma the invisible epidemic

Some individuals possess a remarkable healing presence, and Dr. Paul Conti is undeniably one of them. I was initially amazed by his profound insights into the human psyche when I first heard him speak. He approaches issues from a systemic perspective, integrating personal experiences, scientific knowledge, and anecdotes, all rooted in a deep concern for people's well-being.

This book primarily explores trauma—how it operates and how we can recover from it. Over the past year, I've delved deep into understanding how trauma remains one of society's most pervasive issues.

Furthermore, Dr. Peter Attia, a longevity expert and a friend of Dr. Paul, discusses this in his book, "Outlive." He highlights that emotional death, primarily driven by trauma and addiction, is the leading cause of human demise. Trauma, he reveals, is the root of addiction, and many of us likely have addictions as a way to soothe various traumas, such as workaholism, alcoholism, excessive social media use, or drug abuse. He challenges us with the question, "What is the point of living a long life if the life you're living is not worth it?"

Dr. Paul Conti, on the other hand, explores trauma on individual, societal, and global levels in this book, revealing its profound and insidious nature. Trauma perpetuates itself, often hiding in plain sight and multiplying its effects. It alters our self-perception, memories, baseline anxiety, hypervigilance, and perception of the world's safety, among other things.

Dr. Paul Conti belongs to the rare breed of individuals gifted with the ability to make others feel seen, relieved, and hopeful. People like him are the reason that the darkness within humanity has not completely engulfed the world. Through his book, he shines as a beacon of light in the surrounding abyss of darkness. I am profoundly grateful for his existence and for the personal traumas he has surmounted, which transformed him into the extraordinary human being he is today.

Like many, my own life has been colored by childhood and adulthood trauma. Engaging in inner work to uncover, comprehend, and heal it has been one of the most vital undertakings of my life. It has afforded me insight into my identity, behavioral patterns, and the ability to self-regulate so as not to inadvertently pass on this trauma to others. This cycle does not merely affect us personally but transcends generations—generational trauma, the cycle that continues from one generation to the next. It persists until someone, brave and privileged enough, stands up to break the cycle of shame and guilt.

I am doing my utmost to become that person—the one who confronts and breaks the cycle of generational trauma. If you aspire to be that person too, I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book and extend my unwavering support on your journey.

In the words of Terry Real:

"Family pathology rolls from generation to generation like a fire in the woods taking down everything in its path until one person, in one generation, has the courage to turn and face the flames. That person brings peace to his ancestors and spares the children that follow."

Maybe you too can be that person.

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