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When I first read the epic of Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality, it sowed a seed of curiosity in me. Is it really possible to be immortal? Turns out, it is. 

Through writing. 
This alone has been able to allow individuals, societies, and even entire civilizations to be transcribers and get a taste of their time and place. 
So here I am taking advantage of what Carl Sagan calls the greatest of human inventions. 
This website/blog will be a culmination of my perspective on things and the expression of my thoughts. If you are someone who loves exploring the world through a different lens, you are at the right place. Through various mediums, I will try to provide my insights on everything I have learned in the 20 years of being alive. 

So hop on board, this is going to be one hell of a ride! :)

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