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Consumes, Evokes, Conjures; To go beyond the ordinaries Connects, Surrenders, Immerses; To the greater than ourselves

Attempts, Bids, Endeavors; To answer the mystery of being Aids, Helps, Assists; To impregnate the present with meaning

Inclines, Inspires, Incites; To contemplate as the unknowns may Equips, Furnishes, Provisions; To shatter the indifferences of everyday

Imitates, Adapts, Transforms; To act as a magnifying glass Italicizes, Bolds, Underlines; To ensure moments don’t lose their class

Allows, Permits, Sanctions; To let the infinities converse Succeeds, Prospers, Triumphs; To create ripples in the universe



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When I first read the epic of Gilgamesh and his quest for immortality, it sowed a seed of curiosity in me. Is it really possible to be immortal? Turns out, it is. 

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