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The Fragmented Existence - A Poem

In the realm of multiple identities

Once unfolded the wounding of the self

Fragments emerged in a complex dance

Yet belonging wholly got no chance

Shattered reflections, a fractured core

Seeking oneness within, but it's outward I looked for more

As these paradoxes were embraced,

I left my soul unsettled and unfaced.

And yet, these fragments happen to be an old friend

Expressing itself in countless ways

In moments, identities, places, and the self

Continually distorting perceptions of myself

But one day, the healing whispers echoed through time

Finally, the lonely trees found a rhyme

The epidemic of the forests unseen

The trees became the forest, somewhere in between

As the dissociations began to fade

Emerged a thread connecting each day's cascade

In the center of this labyrinth's maze

Beautiful moments surfaced in a contradictory haze

Like in atoms, entropy, or galaxies, boundaries were unknown

Fragments or whole, in fractals I've grown

Finding safety for all my parts to be expressed with grace

This is my journey from fragments to reintegrations embrace

-Jagriti Luitel

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