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The hurtful in-betweens of love

I rest my head on your chest

calmly listening to your heartbeat

The breeze sweeps

But your warmth engulfs me

keeping me safe

At this moment, I reflect

Finally understanding what contentment meant

But the transience of time slowly creeps in

I guess "nothing lasts forever" yet again

will be our culprit

Denial, I long to pour all my love

to give and give some more

give all I have and all that I don't

Aching for open arms willing to receive

the supply cannot exceed the demand

I grieve

Let's keep it casual you say

to a soul that longs for depths of fiery passion

a love that feels like supernovas exploding and volcanoes erupting

But little did you know darling,

I simply could love casually

So I let you go with a broken heart

letting some time pass

someone else inevitably knocks at the door

afraid to re-open this fragmented heart

I peek through the window

Am I willing? I ponder once more

To be a candle that burns

burns bright with all its might

Even if ultimately it's at the cost of its own very life


-Jagriti L.



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